About the Author

I am Juni, a 30 year old bookseller at Barnes & Noble1, a voracious reader, an aspiring writer, and a proud Hufflepuff. I’m owned by three benevolent feline overlords, Morgan, Gwen, and Orville. Though I grew up in Connecticut (and would like to return to New England) I am currently living in North Carolina.

When I am not reading or writing, I enjoy weaving, knitting, and crochet; baking; collecting Funko Pop! Vinyl, vintage kimono, and more books. I am an eclectic polytheist, and a liberal somewhere in the green party-socialist-democrat range. I’m attempting to learn French and ASL, and to play the harp, though I am pretty awful at all three so far. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

About the Blog

The name Narrative Filigree is taken from the tvtropes page of the same name; it’s a stylistic choice made by an author that highlights the world beyond what is necessary for the plot. When done well, it is a beautiful enhancement to the work. When done poorly, it can range from garish, overwrought, or just plain boring.

My goal with Narrative Filigree is, at its core, to review the books I read. But more than that, I want to delve into the worlds these authors bring to life, to look at the little details that make them feel real. I also plan to tackle movies and television shows, and I will very likely dabble in various story-related crafts as my whims dictate. This blog has no particular update schedule- while I would like to have new content on a weekly basis, I cannot presently make any promises.

I am really looking forward to exploring the magical, fantastical, eerie, and everything else the wide world of fiction has to offer, and I hope you’ll join me for the journey!

1 The opinions I share on Narrative Filigree are my own; while I am an employee of Barnes & Noble, my posts here or elsewhere are in no way representative of the company or any of its other employees.