American Gods Watch & Reread

I don’t remember when I first read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods; it was published in 2001 when I was in high school but I’m pretty sure it had been out in paperback for a while by the time I finally got to it. I remember being charmed by the interpretation of the various gods that make appearances, and being confused by some of the scenes that seemed too disjointed and surreal to actually convey any useful information about the plot or the characters. I’ve never reread it, though, and it’s been a while, so my memory is pretty fuzzy. With all the excitement about the Starz adaptation, I dug my copy out with the intent of rereading it in advance, but I didn’t get very far before I got distracted by something else.

Today on a whim (and a desire to kill some time before my overnight at work without tiring myself out) I went ahead and downloaded the Starz app and watched the first episode. I really liked it. It’s always a curious thing, how characters and settings and stories in general translate from one medium to another; in addition, changes had to be made to update the story for the 16 year gap between the book’s publishing and the show’s release. My plan is to compare the two in a series of posts, each covering one episode of the show and the corresponding pages of the book, where extant. (It’s already been made known that the show will be expanding various pieces and including other various pieces that didn’t make the cut for the book.) I also want to look at the casting choices, the pacing, the music, the settings. Obviously, these posts will be super spoilery!

Off we go!

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