From Valley Broad: Year 1, August

The first month-chapter of my AU Harry Potter fanfiction, From Valley Broad, is up; you can read it on Google Docs, and commenting is enabled. It is approximately 3,500 words.

To give a brief overview: in my AU, the exploits and adventures of the original Harry Potter book series took place not in the 1990s but nearly a thousand years earlier, in the High Middle Ages. Many of the major details are the same, but not all. My own main character, Winter Bennett, is a first year and a recent transplant to England. At the present time, I don’t have a specific plot that I intend to follow; instead, I’ll be playing with Houses, stereotypes, my altered universe’s history, and the many gaping holes of world-building to be found in Rowling’s (nevertheless amazing) Wizarding World.

As I post each chapter- or entries from the Encyclopedia Magica or other fictional texts- I’ll also post an entry here with a link, and some discussion about my thoughts and choices. I suggest reading the fics first, but it’s readers’ choice. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome here or in comments on the Google Doc file itself. If anyone is interested in roleplaying/writing in this world with me, give me a shout!

As far as August goes, it’s a brief introduction to Winter and her mother Anna. Diagon Alley is not much different than it was for canon!Harry’s first visit, and mostly I’m just getting an initial sketch of Winter down. I am rather painfully aware of my shortcomings with regard to writing British characters, which is going to be interesting given the location!

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